Your sales outlets

Cegma Topo's geomarketing research helps you build your network. We determine the most suitable towns and cities for the installation of your sales outlets. Before moving into a trade area, Cegma Topo analyses whether such an investment is worthwhile. To ensure your product is ideally placed on a supermarket shelf, Cegma Topo carries out shopper research and merchandising tests.

Your questions Your benefits
Where should your sales outlets be located? Move into the right locations and develop your network.
Can customers find the products that they are looking for easily? Improve your merchandising and the appeal of your product "to the very last inch".

A national network of opticians uses Cegma Topo to research the location of its branches in France. A Cegma Topo geomarketing consultant visits each location to collect data on the site. Cegma Topo then surveys the area's population by telephone. Finally, Cegma Topo's operational recommendations reveal whether moving to such a location is worthwhile.

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