Experience: Cegma Topo was established in France in 1975.

Over more than 35 years, Cegma Topo has researched and analysed the opinions, attitudes and behaviour of consumers, distributors and companies. We help our clients take the rights decisions and grow.
The numerous research missions performed by Cegma Topo add value to our findings and operational recommendations.

A comprehensive service offer

Cegma Topo carries out:

  • Your qualitative research to explore, understand and explain attitudes, behaviour and markets
  • Your quantification research to weigh up and rank data
  • Customer quality/satisfaction surveys
  • Economic research on site location, potential and possible turnover.

Dedicated teams

For each research project with which we are entrusted, Cegma Topo puts together the best possible team:

  • Consultant
  • Project analyst
  • Field consultant

Your sales consultant and project analyst are your primary points of contact throughout the project. They ensure that you benefit from their specific areas of expertise, enriched by extensive experience with Cegma Topo.