Your customers' satisfaction

Cegma Topo identifies your customers' level of satisfaction with your complete offer (pre-sales, sales, warranties, etc.). Our recommendations then let you move forward by satisfying your customers even more.

Your questions Your benefits
Are your customers fully satisfied with your products and services?
Monitor and improve the number of customers who are "completely satisfied" and even "extremely satisfied".
Are your customers loyal? Seize the levers that build your customers' loyalty.
Do your customers recommend you to their friends and family? Monitor your recommendation rate and build a relationship of trust with your customers.
Do your customers prefer you to your competitor? Identify your strong and weak points in relation to your competitors in order to move forward.

A mass distribution firm entrusts Cegma Topo with carrying out its customer satisfaction survey. Twice a year our interviewers question the firm's customers by phone. Our analyses let you monitor how customers view various factors: the shop, price, offer, promotions, checking out, etc. Our analyses reveal the improvements and shortcomings in each area. A dedicated Cegma Topo team then animates the network on the basis of the strategic guidelines established by the firm.

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