Your customers' buying process

Cegma Topo studies the path and the various stages taken by your customer to reach you. The aim is to detect the key instances in order to optimise your sales process.

Your questions Your benefits
What buying process do your customers use? Uncover the key instances and media to optimise your sales process and your multi-channel policy (sales outlet, Internet, catalogue, etc.).
What decisions do your customers take when making an important purchase?
Refine your pricing strategy and position to optimise your sales.

As part of the development of a specific market, a large home furnishings firm wishes to determine its customers' purchasing process. Cegma Topo therefore defines the customers' needs, all of the sources of information used, the purchasing criteria sought, the purchasing criteria retained when the choice is finally made as well as the impact of the sales outlet and the price. Our recommendations then enable the firm to grow with confidence.

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